State of the Sector – look who’s in!

Marine Energy Wales has a proud pedigree in producing reports charting the progress of the sector, and the recently-published ‘State of the Sector’ report builds on this to produce a comprehensive snapshot of activity in offshore renewable energy in Wales.

We’re delighted that the Partners in Mor Cymru, Hiraeth Energy and Magnora Offshore Wind, are featured in two articles in the publication.

The first article describes how developers in Wales have supported a number of schools in the Lego League competition. When we initially announced our sponsorship we weren’t to know that the school we’d sponsored would go on to win the local league! Huge congratulations to Ysgol Gelli Aur for this achievement.

The second article describes our concept for a Wealth Fund for Wales. If you’d like to find out more about this concept, take a look at our video that describes how it might transform the opportunity from floating offshore wind in Wales.

The ‘State of the Sector’ report is well worth a read. It shows that – quite apart from producing huge amounts of emission-free electricity – there are benefits to skills, habitat and the supply chain.

Our thanks to Marine Energy Wales for pulling together another exceptional report!