Inspiring future change-makers

The importance of safeguarding Wales’ environment is a key part of our project development approach. We will work in partnership with nature and environment NGOs, and to use good practice to maximise the environmental benefits from our proposed project.

As part of our commitment to nature, we are delighted to be supporting Celtic Deep Conservation’s work with public engagement and local school education work. Celtic Deep Conservation are a Pembrokeshire based not-for-profit company that supports research and public understanding on the marine environment.

The aim of Celtic Deep Conservation’s work is to create ocean advocates of all ages, backgrounds, identities and abilities by connecting people to the ocean and the incredible animals that live there.

Hiraeth Energy and Magnora Offshore Wind are using the Mor Glas project development opportunity to support Celtic Deep Conservation in carrying out a number of interactive talks in local primary and secondary schools. These talks explore the diversity of Wales’ marine life, from small creatures such as anemones and crabs, to larger inhabitants like seals and sharks.

You can find out more about Celtic Deep Conservation here.